Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top Star Trek: Next Generation episodes

No judgement calls. This is classic nineties sci-fi at its best. A few weeks ago I rewatched some of my favorite episodes. Here's my rundown in no particular order.

Conundrum (S05 E14)
The whole crew's memory erased.

Inner Light (S05 E25)
Picard lives out an entire new life on dying planet in just minutes.

Cause and Effect (S05 E18)
Enterprise stuck in causality loop, keeps blowing up. 

Parallels (S07 E11) 
Worf keeps shifting in and out of different points in the space-time continuum. 

Tapestry (S06 E15)
Picard relives his life and makes different choices as a young Ensign.

The Pegasus (S07 E12)
Captain Picard Day and Starfleet-sponsored cloaking device on Riker's old ship.

Frame of Mind (S06 E21)
Riker gone crazy.

The Gambit I & II (S07 E04&05)
Picard undercover on a mercenary ship.

Future Imperfect (S04 E08)
Riker wakes up to alternate reality as a father and Captain of the ship.

Timescape (S06 E25)
Picard draws smiley face in a super slow moving explosion of the reactor core.

Second Chances (S06 E24)
Two Rikers.

Best of Best Worlds I & II (S03 E26  and S04 E01)
The Borg.

Peak Performance (S02 E21)
War games with the Enterprise and an old, crippled ship.

Lower Decks (S07 E15)
Story of some junior officers.

Booby Trap (S03 E06)
1000 year old bobby trap and Geordi's crush on Dr. Brahms. 

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