Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abandoned House

It's a bad habit, I know....but I really like going into abandoned buildings.

This post is a bit different than what you might see here but I think that the pictures will mostly speak for themselves. They tell a story and, from what I gathered, kind of a sad story.

I came across this curiously mowed field while bike riding

the path on the left led to an abandoned and vacant trailer park

this house was tucked in under the shade and almost totally unseen from the road

seemed that it was connected to an old animal shelter or kennel run. The glass reads "Valley View"

the front door was totally inaccessible due to the overgrowth

feeling nervous but brave...more nervous, though

the road was barely peering through the green

it didn't seem to be in such disrepair...I wondered if there was a back way

along the path I saw this gorgeous tree with purple blossoms

and again, the mowed grass. for an abandoned lot, someone must surely still claim it

no one seems to take as much care for the vacant trailer park, though

this pet cemetery is not listed online for the local humane society. the propped gate and partially collapsed grass tell of recent visitors. The cemetery is named in memory of Mary Bourisaw. Who were you?

my car across the field

the back entrance was even cleared away by the mowers. curious...

here is another sign "valley view kennels"

no such luck finding information online. guess I'd peek around.

that's some mess. not a trace of animal smell, though. must have been abandoned for decades.

that's what it felt like. kind of like I was trapped in this space. I wasn't supposed to be there and was probably waiting for someone to come across me.

i wonder how long it takes insulation to collapse like that?

must press on

pass a few bees. they undoubtedly smell the fear on me.

I wonder what kind of kennel room this was?

more traces of human waste, garbage and oil but no real sign of animals.

I wish you could have heard this room. the bee hive was wild and furiously buzzing on the glass.

i quickly exited and snapped this in my cowardly escape

one more time checking on the car

press on towards the actual house

beer and soda cans...but not recent brands or labels. years have past on many of these cans.

clearly someone (or likely many people) have discovered this before me.

please dear God let there not be a hobo sleeping inside

total disarray and no hobo. score.

immediately I stumbled across personal data. the check reads " Charlie W/ or Pauline C. Mitchell. September 13 1985" I was turning two years old when this check was written.

a lot of the records and toys and other objects seemed right out of the eighties.

busted through walls tell of vandalism

This single poloraid shows a child playing on a man's back. the inscription on the back is illegible

the box in the bottom left contained plenty of cashed checks

this desk had a plethora of vinyl records and a few photos

this was the best one in the heap.

one of the records had this to say on the back. apparently it was once the property of a soldier on base

books, 8-tracks and Highlights for Children books

an old painting sagging and rotting

the garage.

i didn't look around past the door

I did see these board games and vinyls, though

I wonder what this book is? *UPDATE 05/26 I read and reviewed it.

here's a savings account book from 1955

well hello Mr. King. you'd fit right in.

I wonder which painting once hung here?

someone's once treasured matchbook collection is now carelessly littering the soiled carpet

correspondence collection. i tried not to pry too much.

these letters from 1977 and 1978 encourage the old homeowner to get well soon.

the room next door had plenty of trashed toys and games for a young child

lots of discarded things including this swedish erotic film in the obscure CED format

a respite 

heading towards the bathroom and baby's room

this bathroom staved the worst likely due to its small size

I was incredibly anxious and feeling pretty terrified

lots of black mold in the shower but otherwise untouched

the baby room next door was thoroughly creepy

much was missing

lots of sunlight and water damage


poloraid collection of a family trip to Bodie, California - the infamous ghost town

the living room

left behind by someone like myself, this Hustler was from a while back

this room thoroughly creeped me out and I stayed out. I couldn't bring myself to look around. the floor was swept, the walls were clean but black with soot and the window was hastily boarded up. whatever was going on in this room, I don't want to know.

last shot as I walked away

goodbye abandoned dog kennel and adjacent house.

So what happened to this family? Why is the house abandoned? Well, judging by the orgy of personal information available, I was able to quickly figure out that Charlie W Mitchell was born September 25th 1934 and he passed away on June 10th 1991. I wish I could have found more about how he died and what happened to his wife and family. I can't find anything online about the wife other than she was born in Virginia. It seems she might have some connection with Bobby Griffin's The Search as I found a few Bristol, VA things lying about.

The house seems to not be for sale. That much is also somewhat evident by the caretaker (?) who mows the yard. For being on the edge of town and technically on the Nolanville border, I wonder who still comes out to mow the grass?

I can't find much online about the pet cemetery or the kennel, strangely enough. I was certain I'd find something. The pet cemetery's namesake eludes me. Perhaps the Centex Humane Society would know?


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